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11. The Board's Relationship with South Ribble Borough Council (SRBC)

11.1.1. The Board is responsible for:

a. Developing and agreeing an evidenced based Town Investment Plan

b. Developing a clear programme of interventions

c. Coordinating resources and including stakeholders

11.1.2. SRBC remains the accountable body for all monies received through capacity funding and any other funding that will be allocated throughout the Towns Fund.

11.1.3. SRBC will be represented on the Board by various Councillors and Council officials, with the Leader of the Council providing the formal link between the two bodies in the development of outcomes under those functions set out in 11.1.

11.1.4. The Board will be supported by the LTD Delivery Team, which will be in the employment of SRBC and Chorley Borough Council.

11.1.5. Officers of the LTD Delivery Team may from time to time attend both formal and informal Cabinet of SRBC and attend as required meetings of SRBC's Overview & Scrutiny Committee to provide updates and information pertaining to the development of the Town Investment Plan, programme of interventions and stakeholder engagement. The Board will not be required for attendance.

11.1.6. SRBC's Cabinet, Overview and Scrutiny Committee, Transformation Board and Senior Management Team (SMT) may receive reports on the progress of activities through its established performance monitoring.

11.1.7. The Board may make recommendations to the Cabinet of SRBC from time to time and prior to the submission of the Business Case. 7

11.1.8. The Board must not become executive or involved with delivery unless duly agreed with SRBC.

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