Terms of reference

12. General Matters

12.1.1. Board Members shall duly sign and return the LTB's Code of Conduct (Appendix 1) and Declaration of Interests on an annual basis.

12.1.2. The Board may be provided with appropriate and timely training, both in the form of an induction programme for new members and on an ongoing basis.

12.1.3. The Board will have access to officer resources in order to carry out its duties through the LTD Delivery Team.

12.1.4. The Board shall be entitled to invite relevant third parties to attend any meeting of the Board as observers and they may be entitled to speak at a meeting of the Board with the prior permission of the Chair but shall not be entitled to vote.

12.1.5. The Board shall give due consideration to all laws and regulations as appropriate.

12.1.6. The Board will, from time to time, consider projects and proposals of a commercial in confidence or sensitive nature that will not be for publication under existing legislative provisions (Data Protection and Freedom of Information). All Board members and invited third parties will observe the need for confidentiality in this respect.

12.1.7. The LTB will be subject to the privacy legislation contained within Data Protection Act 2018, Freedom of Information Act 1998 and the Environmental Protection Regulations (various). Such requests will be serviced by SRBC in accordance with SRBC policies and procedures.

12.1.8. Members of the public may wish to contact The Board. Any such contact will be managed by the LTD Delivery Team and contact details will be published on the Leyland Town Deal website. The Delivery Team may where appropriate, engage with the Chair and/or wider Board.

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