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About the bid

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About the bid

Town Deal funding bid was submitted in October 2020 and £25 million in Government funding was approved in October 2022.

Leyland was awarded £25 million in Government funding for the development plans following a successful bid submitted in October 2020. This money will join South Ribble Borough Council's contribution of £13 million giving the town a £38 million investment.

The Town Deal fund aims to boost businesses, regenerate town centres and improve infrastructure.

The Leyland Town Deal Board was established to develop the bid with members from private sector businesses, education, public, community and voluntary sectors. This includes representatives from South Ribble Borough Council, Runshaw College, C and W Berry, Lancashire County Council, Job Centre Plus and Lancashire Enterprise Partnership. The Board is chaired by Charles Hadcock DL of Roach Bridge Mill.

Following community consultation and engagement the Leyland Town Investment Plan bid was developed and submitted focusing on two main projects - Town Centre and Leyland Market improvements and a business and skills hub - BASE2. The successful Town Investment Plan document can be found below.

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Investment plan

Read the full Town Investment Plan for Leyland here.

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