Leyland Market refurbishment - FAQ

As part of the £38m Leyland Town Deal, Leyland Market is set for a full refurbishment, allowing for a dynamic space for market traders and food and drink outlets.

In order to facilitate this once-in-a-generation refurbishment, it is proposed the market in its current form will close for a period of 12 months. It's likely the closure will take place from Summer 2024.

We're now working closely with our market traders to consider options and to work with them and get their ideas and suggestions on a way forward and a consultation process is taking place with market traders to assess and mitigate any impacts of the closure. Alternative locations for traders are being considered, along with financial compensation options.

The consultation with traders will run until February 2024 at which point a final decision will be made on the plans.


What was the rationale for the proposal to close the market for a 12-month period?

The Town Deal works will see a full refurbishment of the current Market space allowing for a dynamic space for traders and food and drink outlets.

The new Market will be of a modern design in fitting with a vibrant and dynamic town centre.

We will refurbish the interior of the market building, updating the branding and signage for existing stalls and upgrading the central stalls.

We will also invest in the existing market hall structure, retaining the internal historic building structure (formerly a Leyland Motors building), and replace the long-term problematic roof with a new sustainable structure, ensuring that this building is fit for its long-term future and embracing innovation.

In addition to this we propose to expand the market facility creating new external stalls to wrap the market building and have a direct relationship to a new market square.


Is the Council open to options from the Market traders in terms of alternative locations during the proposed closure?

Yes, views will be taken from our Market traders in relation to the Market works and available options, with a final decision to be made in February 2024.


Will there by any support for traders during the works?

Support will be available for Market traders and 1-2-1 meetings will take place with each affected trader.


What period will be given for consultation?

January - February 2024. This will be the opportunity for traders to submit feedback and or alternative solutions.


What is the timeline for the market works to start and completion dates?

It is estimated the works will take a period of 12 months, with the closure commencing in Summer 2024 for works to start in the Autumn.


Other retail sites in the vicinity will be affected by the works, which may impact on trade, are there plans to communicate with these retailers?

Stakeholder engagement has been on-going since the Town's Funding was approved in principle in 2020. Further dialogue will be issued upon agreement of the refined Procurement Strategy and Phasing Strategy of the Leyland Town Deal Project.

We are however aware that nearby businesses will have questions, concerns and ideas and we welcome their views during the consultation period.


Will the public be able to take part in the consultation?

We understand how important Leyland Market is to its visitors and we are working with traders and nearby businesses now to make sure we can get the best possible outcome for all while the Market goes through its refurbishment.

We are allowing for the traders to share their views, ideas as suggestions as part of the consultation and will share the outcome in February 2024.


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